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OPM finally finishes 'phased retirement' rules for federal workers - -

Do bloggers really need to write disclosures? Yes! Find out what you need to know about FTC guidelines and disclosures on your blog.

How we got free Basic "Cable TV" (and it's legal

Nov 13, 2013: Earlier this month, we made even more changes, and I’m happy to report that it hasn’t been as bad as we thought! We saved an additional $42 ...

Why Everything You Know About Yourself Is Wrong

Who Am I? -- The critical inner voice we sometimes hear scolding us is not that of the witness, which is indifferent to our ups and downs. Self-accusation is rather the result of internalizing others' judgments.

How to Clean Your {Top-Loader} Washing Machine

Homemade Solutions are brought to you by Amazon where you can get deals on household supplies! [catlist name=homemade-solution orderby=name order=asc]

GoWallet App Tracks Your Gift Cards On-the-go [Giveaway, Ended 9/18]

50 Ways to save money

Some may be things you do already, some you might know you should do but don’t and hopefully, there’ll be some you’ve never thought of that you can start doing to start saving…. Let’s start with paying your bills…. Work out your monthly budget so you know what, if anything you have spare each month. more »

Is That Switchblade Legal? Check Out These Knife Laws By State