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Can you believe this new action?. Obama says he is sorry to Congress. Obama needs to go....And who is watching this guy and his father? He is just as bad as his son. Both of them should be locked up with the key thrown away.

BLOOMBERG'S BIG MONEY BUYS SEAT IN CHICAGO: NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg's *$2,300,000.00* in campaign spending helped anti-gun radical Robin Kelly win the Democratic primary to replace convicted former Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. yesterday. Bloomberg joined Obama political adviser David Axelrod, radical Jeremiah Wright ally Father Michael Pfelger, & left-wing Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) in helping Kelly defeat former Rep. Debbie Halvorson, who became a useful target due to her "A" rating from the…

Obama's 2nd term travails: A lame duck before his time? - USA TODAY #Obama, #Politics

Don’t Let Them California Texas, Either October 17, 2013 Obama, Politics, Politics in TX, State Politics

Dumbass RWNJs who don't understand what it means to edit video to suit the right wing agenda. Hypocritical, bigoted, misygonistic, liars all of the right wingers

DID ANYONE KNOW OBAMA IS IMPORTING SYRIANS TO TEXAS? IT STARTED TODAY!! First Syrians arrive in North Texas « Refugee Resettlement Watch 4.11.15 | "Doing well by doing good! Heather Reynolds is CEO of Catholic Charities Ft. Worth and is one of the leaders resettling Middle Easterners to Dallas/Ft. Worth.

O’Reilly: Obama “Destroying Civilized Society All Over The Planet,” “Plunging The World Into A Very Dark Place” « Pat Dollard

Obama sure knows how to keep his eye on the ball... sadly, it's just the wrong ball. CHECK OUT MORE OF A.F. BRANCO'S GREAT WO...

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