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TWD top 10 Characters with most on-screen kills all seasons! (Interesting sh*t)

A Summary Of Top Killers Of The Walking Dead. Who's The Badass Here?

TWD top 10 Characters with most on-screen kills/season plus kills for all seasons combined. My favorite thing is how Glenn is in all of these and yet he never killed one human.

Looking at this makes me want to cry....I miss everyone that died (except Lori...) And thinking about how when they die they have to leave that wonderful family and it must be hard because they are all so close, and Carl has grown so much.  It makes me sad to think that this show has to end

Any/Every Walking Dead fan will understand when I say: These pics bring out a wide range of emotions.<<<Oh my god we got so small in Season 5

The Walking Dead Minimalist Poster Art

The Walking Dead Minimalist Poster Art. The first poster in this line up is responsible for the serious weight issue of my bug out bag.bye bye massive first aid kit, you don't hold a candle to the healing properties of books.

Fonds d'écran iPhone- Série TV - The Walking Dead 08

Road Trip To The Walking Dead Filming Locations road trip makes stops at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Rick's House - The Walking Dead, Terminus - The Walking Dead and others. Plan your road trip with Roadtrippers.