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Keiko makeup

Keiko makeup

What a beautiful medieval costume made from things like curtains and different types of fabrics.

Designing, Sewing, and Making Costumes for the Pennsylvania Renaissance Fair. Looks and Costumes for & Century Enthusiasts - Renaissance Costumes - Medieval Clothing - Madrigal Costumes


Adah, the wife of Lamech. They lived after the fall in what would be considered cave man days.

Layers! I love layers, take em off or throw em on according to the weather without having to change an entire outfit

I have no idea if this is remotely accurate to any period of Earthling history…


Another photo of me cosplaying the Dovahkiin as a guard of Markarth, from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Cotton Dress | 1810-15 | Fries Museum

Fries Museum, Netherlands Item 1810 - Long cotton dress, reddish brown background with stripes/rows of blue flowers and green leaves, long sleeves, ruffles along the square neckline and the sleeves