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Wu Yifan(Kris) Updates Fans for the First Time Since His Appearance Cancelled on "Chunwan"

Cute Krissss (and I also have 2 exams today)

Krissssss and I have a mock test on Thursday and a real test on Friday

[ KRIS ] Wu Yifan - Harper's BAZAAR China February 2015

Wu YiFan (Kris) Harper's BAZAAR February 2015 shooting<<< don't even try to fight me on that Fanfan looks like Viktor

EXO FANS- I, for one, really want Kris to stay with EXO. It's clear that they're all really close, practically a family. But if SM isn't treating him well, I don't want him to stay there. He's sacrificed so much to keep us, his fans, happy, so shouldn't we want his happiness as well? If Kris stays in EXO, great. If he decides to leave, I'm fine with that.  So if he leaves and he's happy, I'm okay with that. I hope all the other fans feel the same. #KrisWeBelieveInYou

So, I know that Kris left exo, but I'm gonna continue to pin Kris things coz to a lot of us, he's still part of exo and he won't be forgotten but he will be supported in anything that he does!