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Repinning, because some day this topic of conversation is probably going to come up with my little boys, and I don't believe I'll ever be able to choose better words.

I like the whole "walking home if they feel unsafe" thing. It's a pretty fucking dangerous world. And having someone there is always nice, even if it's not a guy. My boy friend always waits for my ride to come or walks me home.

A culture of consent is imperative to making public space safe enough for women and men to socially engage with each other in a healthy, fair, equal, and fun way for everybody. Don't want people feeling "paranoid" or "playing the blame game"? Well, don't be part of the problem! STAND UP FOR CONSENT. Don't body shame. Don't coerce. Don't victim blame. EVER.

this. And by the way the answer is most definitely not, I wouldn't want someone who's opinion about me hanged so drastically so often