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Putting the F in Fun: (F)art Festival. On second thought, that festival sounds like no fun at all. May even stink.

Snow in the South

This photo pretty much sums it up. "Southerners in the Snow". Too funny!

If by "crunches" you mean the sound potato chips make when you chew them, then yes, I do crunches.

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Broke my pinky toe in Valentine's Day. Nope I had a run in with the couch leg at making a bottle for the baby

you had one job meme - Google Search

The 31 Most Smartass Things To Ever Happen

this is literally what my notecard for speech class looked like. a 10 minute speech on one notecard. yeah baby!

teacher: Only one notecard should do. every other normal student: she expects us to use the whole notecard? me: *notecard filled with font and filled front and back with all the info* ready for the quiz

Southern Food Groups - @Holly DeVore and @Kenna these made me think of you!

The Four Southern Food Groups

Southern Food Groups nix the Lard we have moved into the modern age! We still love our Maters, Taters Grits, Ya'll!

Funny tumblr posts!

33 Of The Greatest Things That Happened On Tumblr In 2013