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Compared to Dogs, Cats are mysterious creatures. Many of the things they do just defy logic to us humans - a perfect example of this is their enthusiasm for sitting in tight spaces. For no apparent reason most cats will do anything in their power to...

DIY Recycled Cardboard Kitty Pad -- hmm, dad will be moving soon and I know we had one cat that loved this type of thing, really awesome! (plus all those boxes at work!)

Incredible Cardboard Creatures

Incredible Cardboard Creatures

Looking for something to do with Labels Zoo's cardboard boxes once you've finished with our labels? Incredible Cardboard Creatures

Coral Reef Diorama craft: •Shoebox or similar-sized box •Printable card stock or construction paper •Crayons or colored pencils •Acrylic paint •White glue •Scissors •Paint brush •Pencil •Sand •Sea shells (optional) •Paper bowl or egg carton (optional)