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MIGHTY AVENGERS #12  AL EWING (W) • GREG LAND (A/C)  ORIGINAL SIN tie-in! • Election Night, 1972. Under a moonless sky, unspeakable evil slouched towards Manhattan to be born... • ...and the only people who could hold it back were the original Mighty Avengers. • Meanwhile, in the present day - history repeats itself! But this time, have the Mighty Avengers already failed?  32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

Mighty Avengers Volume Original Sin - Not Your Father's Avengers: An awesome cover pretty much reflecting the story. 1 case set in the sixties and modern day. Could practically hear the blaxploitation soundtrack. Monts - Thumbs up

Red Hood, Agent Venom and Deathstroke by naratani

Red Hood, Agent Venom and Deathstroke

Red Hood / Agent Venom / Deathstroke My top 3 Anti-Heros in one pic!

Natasha Irons - Steel - Starlight - Vaporlock

Natasha Irons is the second person to take on the mantle of Steel, which she inherited from her.