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NO MORE COMMENTS ON NAVY NOT BEING A SWEETHEART OKAY?!?! I like the theory in the beginning, then it just gets.... weird...

When you discover the two midgets that you had imprisoned have escaped. The perfect use of a meme

aaah jasper escogio todo un arbol y lade peri si que es suave(PERO NO POR MUCHO)

They want to see how long it will take her to realize on her own that what she’s holding isn’t a plant. Also the oak wasn’t part of the gardening shop


Cosplay Fusion

Oh, here's the WHOLE thing. Now I laughed harder xD:

Cute Headcanon

Oh, here's the WHOLE thing. Now I laughed harder xD<<< boy rose quartz and girl Steven

This happened to me once-- I tried to get ice out of the fridge and then it didn't work so I tried again and ice went all over me and the ground. The ice can fight me

once when i was a small children i tried to get ice outta the ice box and it all fell on the floor and i yelled "god damnit!", my parents have never let that go

Troca de sexos...eu acho<<<Mas as Gems tecnicamente não tem gênero definido...

This is my fav su gender bend I've seen so far