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"The art of ignoring our brothers and sisters misery and pain was perfected by mankind" #ibaron #isaint #tlens

"The art of ignoring our brothers and sisters misery and pain was perfected by mankind"

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August Grey

Love the "through the coffee shop window" shots. Would love to have a photo session like this sometime. // these kind of photos and spots would be perfect for engagement sessions.

This lens contains beautiful artwork by LDS artists. Mormon artwork from artists like Liz lemon swindle, Simon Dewey, Carl Block, Del Parson,...

Be not Afraid, Greg Olson. my favorite painting by him for so many different reasons.Light not the least.

Even if it's not sunny, glasses really help avoid that horrible feeling of getting a fly in your eye. It's possible to get lens with pale tints that let in enough light for a cloudy day.

Awesome illustrations & flyer designs mainly for music events by freelance graphic designer based in the UK.

Self Absorption; "My pain is so tremendous, I am not able to care about anyone else."  This is life viewed only through "My lens and my lens only." True Myopic Vision.  Limiting the lens in which life is experienced through my experience only.

Hancey for your minion. art-documents: Marcel Marien, L‘Introuvable, Coll.

This is the picture I've always tried to take with my Rolliflex and haven't been able to capture.

YES please! I absolutely love working with this kind of viewfinder. Reminds me of studying photography in college. Raw image right before you.

Rise and Fall  This image you see here is a series of experimentation. Trying out a few new things here and there at the same time been busy with my partners putting together our workshops and new websites for the end of the year. I have not had a whole lot of time for looking at imagery let alone taking my own photos so my activity on this website has been very dismal. Back in 2013 was the year I decided to buy my first camera to start expressing and sharing my vision. Up until 2013 I had…

Rise and Fall by DanielJGreenwood trees canada sky fog lake mountains winter color water reflection cold travel blue night light cloud

I'm slowly losing my vision, ever since the car accident things started to get a little less noticeable. Before it all goes away, I have to capture every significant moment.

Anime Boy w/ Camera. His eyes are very beautiful and I like the soft muted colors and lines too. <---he likes photography! He's mine, I called him