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Imperial Fiber Pomade

Imperial Fiber,Fiber Pomade

Imperial Barber Products. I tried the Fiber Pomade. Has a nice smell, but on my hair, it felt tacky and sticky.. I had to return it. I have enough finishing pomades (3 or 4) and you see I want to try R+C above.

Shadow Troopers: Were a branch of Imperial shock troopers deployed during the Rise of the Empire era. Shadow Trooper units were deployed on various operations under the command of the Emperor's Shadow Guard and Stormtrooper commanders. A number of them were used in various skirmishes against Galen Marek. Shadow Trooper armor was laced with durasteel fibers unlike the stygian-triprismatic polymer material used in the production of the shadow stormtrooper armor.

Imperial Black - Monza Carbon Fiber Wallet- Tan, $140.00 (

Imperial Fiber Pomade, 6 Ounce - -

Imperial Fiber Grease Our water-based FIBER GREASE is a highly pliable texturizing product full of extra-long fibers that are more exaggerated than the average fiber grease. The result is a versatile medium hold product with custom texture fibers and a slight sheen.