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Empty the liquid inside a glow stick into a jar with some water and glitter, and make a glow-in-the-dark nightlight. If you're using a bigger jar like the one in the middle, use two glow sticks.

All you need to create these fantastic looking night lanterns is some jars, glow stick and diamond glitter. The process is as easy as it can be – open the jar, shake the content of the glow stick into it and add the diamond glitter. Close the top of the jar with a lid and shake it well. Enjoy a romantic backyard dinner under the light of the “Fireflies” in the jars!

Macrame Wall Hanging "Waves no.3" by HIMO ART, One of a kind Handcrafted Macrame, rope art

マクラメ壁掛け HIMO 芸術種類手作りマクラメ、ロープアートのいずれかによって「波 no.3」

Macrame Wall Hanging "Pure Air no.2" by HIMO ART, One of a kind Handcrafted Macrame/Rope art

Large Macrame wall hanging Fiber art hanging Wedding Backdrop Geometric Macrame wall hanging large textile

TWO Clay Ball Stamps, Gift Set, Sculpture Roller, Random Pattern, Hand Carved, Giselle No. 5 Original, Texture for Clay, Pottery

Choose Your Pattern Small Sculpture Ball to Texture Clay Just ONE -- Tool or Stamp. $15.00, via Etsy.

So macrame is like braiding hair? From the public domain book "Complete guide to the work-table : containing instructions in Berlin work, crochet, drawn-thread work, embroidery, knitting, knotting or macrame, lace, netting, poonah painting, & tatting, with numerous illustrations and coloured designs (1884)."