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10 reasons why #blogging is like wearing a thong via DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE #blog @Design The Life You Want To Live

10 reasons why blogging is like wearing a thong

I want to print this out and pass it around the to whole world. Some people seem to forget that words can hurt. Or just use alot of words, irritatingly so.

Be Tuff!

Over 2333 people liked this! tough people pull themselves up by the boot straps when they hit hard luck and they stay strong and they keep on fighting like they dont know how to lose. tough times dont last, tough people do.

"Trust your hunches. They're usually based on facts filed away just below the conscious level."

Trust our hunches they. They are usually based on facts filed away just below the conscious level Dr Joyce brothers

Il rispetto va guadagnato.  L'onestà è apprezzata.  La fiducia va acquisita.  La lealtà è gratificazione!

Respect is earned, honesty is appreciated, trust is gained, loyalty is returned. Without trust there is no loyalty.

i think this is so TRUE

Remember this. Stop saying sorry! Positive Thoughts, Positive Life: Quotes To Live By.NEVER apologise for being real.

Thoughts that are part of the essence of my new online class. Living with intention adds richness to our lives ~ Capturing It All can help you do it. Everyone welcome, join today and start living an extraordinary life! www.actofstamping.blogspot.com

10 Ways to Live an Extraordinary Life: Courtney Carver, Be More With Less

" We have to learn how to lift ourselves up and stop tearing ourselves down. The people who tear each other down , are only tearing themselves down.." ~ L. Renee Benjamin

What you tell yourself everyday will either lift you up or tear you down. Very true! Choose to think positive!

positive expectations while remaining neutral.

need to remember this.don't make simple things more complicated than they need to be. let simple things be simple.

I always end up saying "I knew it". When will I learn?

Always trust your gut.It knows what your head hasn’t figured out .