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When the blankety-blank starts to hit the fan, what we will need is each other. We will need each other to help wake up, to help find resilience within and in our newly birthing behaviors. We will need each other for comfort and compassion,

30 Inspirational Quotes You Need To Read Right Now

Ahhh I needed to see this! 30 Inspirational Quotes You Need To Read Right Now | Lady and the Blog

How I would describe myself

Guilty...although I think my mind is under attack constantly, I don't choose to entertain those thoughts. It's extremely difficult not to at times especially the way women dress nowadays. One reason I love fall so much is women put more clothes on. O:-)

Heart of Hippie, spirt of a Fairy, and the soul of Gypsy

She had the heart of a hippie, the spirit of fairy, and the soul of gypsy. She wore flowers in her hair and carried magic secrets in her eyes. She could not

Be patient with yourself during the #Recovery process! Like most good things, recovery from any #EatingDisorder takes time, but it is SO worth it. You CAN recover! #StayPositive