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Pet Peeve by faith

Previous Pinner said 'OCD I thought I was the only one . I told my mom yesterday that Im gunna invent wipes that get the triangle.

Biggest pet peeve ever!!!!!!!!!

One of my biggest pet peeve ever! Now, i have to get up and close it again!

Mornings sucks!

The only thing I hate more than waking up early is dealing with people who LIKE waking up early. It's 7 am, calm the fuck down, this isn't fun or enjoyable, it's shitty.

Invisible Cats - via ePinner http://amzn.to/HeQlfW

Kitty and the invisible things.

Kitty and the invisible things. (invisible window installation made me laugh)

funny texts

21 Hilarious Texts From Your Dog -- If Your Dog Could Text - Autocorrect Fails and Funny Text Messages - SmartphOWNED.

OMG! Anyone who has ever went to Chicago with me knows this is my truest of truths!

Quote, If you don't swear while driving then you're not paying attention to the road at all. How not to swear when some people are not paying attention.

A little girl once asked me if I was a boy or girl, and I'm still not sure how to react or feel, but at the time I thought it was hilarious and politely said back that I was a girl.

Children do always tell the truth. Or what they perceive to be the truth.

i hate football

i hate football

troll'm like you know'm

Funniest troll EVER

It rarely happens that you get a wrong number text, or you send a text to an unknown person. But the life is full of uncertainty and sending a text to the wrong number is not a big issue.


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