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15 фотографий самых стильных причёсок альпак

austrian alpacas given retro hairstyles.

Aww such a cute alpacka!!

Cute Alpaca to brighten up your day!

How to raisw alpacas for Fiber. #Podcast interview with Katie from Make It. Grow It.

How To Raise Alpacas

How to raisw alpacas for Fiber. Podcast interview with Katie from Make It. Grow It. Also has a link to a similar sheep and goat fiber podcast

This photobombing alpaca is here to improve your photography.

An Alpaca photobomb.


Llama trying to get in the Christmas spirit. I want to paint a Llama w preferably her baby.

This makes me laugh so hard. Pagan humor is fun.

Fact: Llamas live to be about 20 years old.

Interesting facts about alpacas

Interesting facts about alpacas

I have chosen the alpaca for my home because of these facts, that and I plan to turn their fiber into interesting peices of useful items, sell and breed. they are in high demand but arent too many around. Interesting facts about alpacas


Alpaca smile ~ By Ulrich Kiel

Planning for Alpacas – Cost, Care, Cuteness

Raising Alpacas - How much does it cost?

Planning for Alpacas - After months of researching and planning for alpacas it is getting close for us to add a few to Our Simple Homestead.

Don't you hate when your friend copies your style?

The Most Fabulous Alpacas Hairstyles Ever

Multi-colour alpacas

Multi-colour alpacas

an alpaca, I want one!

an alpaca, I want a small herd!

Photograph by Rob MacInnis

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