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many faces Melanie McGready

many faces Melanie McGready

Learn more about wood whittling plus find inspiration for your next wood carving…

Learn All You Need To Know About Wood Whittling

Ahh we& getting some very adorable wooden animal charms like this in the shop very soon!

In the future you are overwhelmed by the complex collection of salt shakers that ever citizen is expected to maintain. Sea salt, kosher sea salt, grey sea salt, coarse rock salt, fine lavender inland sea salt, and so on and so on. Knowing which figurine contains which requires an elaborate set of instructions. Sometimes you think the Great Foodie Revolution of 2017 went too far.

Her work has been informed by an interest in the Victorians as the first generation who chose to define nature in opposition to what is huma.

Lotus King : Ceramic figurine / Incense Burner for par Poarttery

Lotus King : Ceramic sculpture / Incense Burner for sticks and cones / Candle Holder / Clay Sculpture

Something like this for a yarn keeper but with a "tail" cutout for the yarn maybe.....

Potterycrafts - Manufacturer of Kilns, Moulds, Clays & Glazes - potters gallery exhibiting ceramic pieces for sale

Le Tricksy Red Fox Totems, 'Muses' collection - polymer clay sealed with polyurethane, about 1.75" tall; handmade by Laura Johnston

Le Tricksy Red Fox Totems, 'Muses' collection - polymer clay sealed with polyurethane, about tall; handmade by Laura Johnston

iiiinspired: delicate little figurines by jiro yoshida

photo © tetsuro harada i just love these so much! ceramic figurines by japanese artist jiro yoshida.

Hi all, how are you today? I promised you a new pictorial this week and I just finished it! I really hope you like it :)  Is ...

Koala tutorial by Cake Dutchess. I know it's not Fimo but the ideas should work - no Kati not this time. This Is a 3 day job!