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Ted Talk of Zeynep Tufekci: Machine intelligence makes human morals more important TEDSummit · 17:42 · Filmed Jun 2016

TEDTalk Zeynep Tufekci: Machine Intelligence makes human moral more important

Rana el Kaliouby: This app knows how you feel — from the look on your face

Despite their powerful computing capability, our screens have no way of knowing how we feel. Computer scientist Rana el Kaliouby says that's about to change.

How Quantum Biology Might Explain Life’s Biggest Questions | Jim Al-Khalili | TED Talks

TED: Jim Al-Khalili: How Quantum Biology Might Explain Life’s Biggest Questions

The Moral Bias Behind Your Search Results | Andreas Ekström | TED Talks

Search engines have become our most trusted sources of information and arbiters of truth. But can we ever get an unbiased search result? Swedish author and journalist Andreas Ekström argues.

How does my brain work? | Playlist | TED.com

Neuroscientist Daniel Wolpert starts from a surprising premise: the brain evolved, not to think or feel, but to control movement. In this entertaining, data-rich talk he gives us a glimpse into how the brain creates the grace and agility of human motion.

What if you could know exactly how food or medication would impact your health -- before you put it in your body? Genomics researcher Jun Wang is working to develop digital doppelgangers for real people; they start with genetic code, but they'll also factor in other kinds of data as well, from food intake to sleep to data collected by a "smart toilet." With all of this valuable information, Wang hopes to create an engine that will change the way we think about health, both on an...

❛Jun Wang❜ How digital DNA could help you make better health choices

We've stopped trusting institutions and started trusting strangers | Rachel Botsman  Something profound is changing our concept of trust, says Rachel Botsman. While we used to place our trust in institutions like governments and banks, today we increasingly rely on others, often strangers, on platforms like Airbnb and Uber and through technologies like the blockchain. This new era of trust could bring with it a more transparent, inclusive and accountable society -- if we get it right..

Rachel Botsman: "Trust enables change and innovation." quoted from TED-Talk titled "We've stopped trusting institutions and started trusting strangers"

Governments Don't Understand Cyber Warfare. We Need Hackers | Rodrigo Bi...

The Internet has transformed the front lines of war, and it's leaving governments behind. As security analyst Rodrigo Bijou shows, modern conflict is being w.

The wonderful and terrifying implications of computers that can learn

TEDTalk Dec What happens when we teach a computer how to learn? Wonderful and terrifying implications. Technologist Jeremy Howard shares some surprising new developments in the fast-moving field of deep learning.