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Celaena and Sam

celeana and sam talking about the night when they should kill ferran and jayne! the feels!

"Scott,Please don't leave me. Please!" Mary Anne pleaded. "Mary Anne, dear heart, I've been called to war. I-" "I know, I know. Why, Oh, Why must they take innocent men and feed them to the war machine?" She sobbed.

Gangfield will be telling Ruth one of his biggest ever secrets in an upcoming chapter. In Confidence - March 2015

M and J's relationship. And height difference... *inside jokes with myself* -Frannie

Anytime I see a couple, in a drawing or a photo, that're touching each other as easily and comfortably as this, it always brings Luke and Ari to mind for me. They're just so relaxed about how they physically interact.

the mockingjay in action by burdge-bug.devian... on @deviantART. ...

just doodles be here. katniss everdeen (c) the hunger games trilogy, suzanne collins the mockingjay in action