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Don't do it...!!!

The best revenge is moving on and getting over it . Don't give someone the satisfaction of watching you suffer. Thoughts in Kind

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.you know who you are....not impressed by your stuff....change your heart and be humble

No matter how big your houses how recent your car is or how big your bank account is our graves will all be the same size stay humble

You want to be a part of my life, the door is Always open. You want to leave my life, the door is open. But don`t stand at the door, you`re blocking the traffic.

Can't win for losing sometimes.

i know everything happens for a reason but sometimes i wish i knew what that reason was, word, quotes

Where was this three days ago. I got major bitch slapped yesterday

I've never read a more true quote. Halfway friendships I struggle to hold on to because of history make me so sad.

Time waits for no man, neither does a good woman..

Time waits for no man. Neither does a good woman. And Love wouldn't make her wait, nor would she be an option.