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Taliesin: Midway Farm

Taliesin MidWay Farm (Cottage was relocated to this location from it's original site by Wright & Apprentices in Originally built by an Uncle, then re-worked by Wright.

A mini version of my ideal home; Victorian/Edwardian-inspired design and retro interior (although I could do without the monochromatic asylum-white), presumably isolated in a verdant, magical-looking forest with a nearby stream, and away from annoying people and noise. A fanciful and asocial person's dream in a non-Unabomber sort of way!

You Wish Your Bar Mitzvah Was This Fabulous

I am obsessed with this cottage; the white vintage decor and victorian-esque antique feel of the whole thing. for the home

Katrina Cottages.. These were dirt cheap for about 2 years after Katrina. You could buy the whole kit at Lowes for under 7K.  Lowes doesn't carry them anymore. Now you have to buy them from some other distributor that charges 10 times as much..

cute little pink house. one of the "Katrina Cottages" by Cusato Architects Designed for people in Lousiana for shelter that can be permanent or temporary. They can be delivered for the same price as a trailer, but without the environmental concerns.

What’s Happening In Farmhouse Home Decor Volume 40

What’s Happening In Farmhouse Home Decor Volume 40