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Richard Milhous Nixon.   #leaders #photos #heritage #history #genealogy

The 50 Most Awesome Things Ever Done by Americans

They Also Ran Good: Richard Nixon

Richard Nixon (US President during the Vietnam war, the Watergate scandal) who…

Richard Milhaus Nixon US President US Vice President US Senator and Congressman from California

Former US Presidents in 1991, from left: Gerald Ford, Richard Nixon, George HW Bush, Ronald Reagen and Jimmy Carter. Source: http://okok1111111111.blogspot.ca/2013/01/former-us-president.html

Presidents Gerald Ford, Richard Nixon, George Herbert Walker Bush, Ronald Reagan, and Jimmy Carter at the dedication of the Reagan Presidential Library.

Resignation of President Richard M. Nixon. 1974.

President Nixon resigns

President Richard M. Nixon resigned from office in He resigned due to the watergate scandal.

Nixon’s ‘Southern Strategy’ And A Liberal Big Lie For history is a pack of lies agreed upon.7-4-14 "For the first time since President Richard M. Nixon's divisive'southern strategy' that sent white to the Republican and blacks to the democrats..'BEGAN NY TIMES STORY LAST WEEK BIG LIE!

Richard M. Nixon was the President of the United States. President Nixon ended U. troops fighting in Vietnam. He also started worked on making peace but got into a big scandal called the "Watergate scandal" which made him back down

4 previous First Ladies! Nancy Reagan, Barbara Bush, Betty Ford & Pat Nixon.

Former First Ladies ~ Nancy Reagan, Barbara Bush, Pat Nixon & Betty Ford **Nice Photo Of Them**

Nixon Family Album... Richard Nixon family portrait, 37th #President of the United States 39th #FirstLady Patricia. Children:	 Tricia and Julie #PresidentsOfUSA

Richard Nixon family portrait, President of the United States FirstLady Patricia. Children: Tricia and Julie