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BREAKING: Obama Announces New Exec. Order against Trrans* Workplace Discrimination

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Make No Mistake America. ..

A lot knew it before he was elected first time.America wants God back in charge and being a respected and powerful country again! Just sorry that our first black president was a awful one

Yep! But what I don't understand is just how do illegal immigrants have the right to protest or have ANY rights ...since they are here illegally?!?!?!?!? I'm Not against Legal immigrants, just ILLEGAL immigrants, and immigrants that hate America and it's citizens and who want to do harm here!! If America falls, It Will Be From The Inside !

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The average Democrat is just too stupid to realize they're being played!!!

" This is what your arrogant, criminal twat of a "candidate" thinks of you! And you wonder why conservatives think you're stupid? Your own candidate thinks so, too--where's your outrage now, bitchezz?

oh heck yes!! this is so funny but so true!!

Barack Obama belongs in jai If only he was or will be, maybe he could suffer more by sharing a cell with Killery.

Unlike the previous moron FORMER PRESIDENT OSAMABAMA!!!! HF~

Well said by the previous pinner: When Bush spoke he sounded like an idiot. When Bush made decisions they were thoughtless. When you look at his presidency it is one miserable republican policy failure after another.

Don't ever say that this could NEVER happen here! Gun control and the proper circumstances COULD give us a government that would make Nazi Germany look like Disney World!

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Why Our Children Need to Be Taught The Real History of The World, Not The Politically Correct Version

Hillary Clinton. Benghazi. Families of the murdered victims deserve the truth.

Yeah, Hillary WISHES it didn't make a difference. to those of us holding her accountable. She is pathetic. Please pray that she is not elected in

Enough said....

Hillary Clinton Vows To Do Things to Illegal Aliens Even Obama Thought were Illegal - FrontpageMag

Top News: "IT IS TIME NOW: President Barack Obama Should Visit Nigeria" - http://www.politicoscope.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/Barack-Obama-Headline-News-1024x683.jpg - A July visit by President Obama would provide an opportunity to open a dialogue. Read more.  on Politicoscope - http://www.politicoscope.com/it-is-time-now-president-barack-obama-should-visit-nigeria/.

it's Bush's fault.I don't think so idiot!the worst president EVER cannot be responsible for anything, "he knows nothing"!

"I want the truth!" "I deleted the truth!"

Sorry Hillary , the truth can never be deleted. there will be a day of reckoning and the judge on that day knows the thoughts and the intents of everyone of our hearts.

This is because everything is OK for them because they truly believe they are superior to everyone else. No one else can have what they have unless you think like them. This also why they are so hateful and angry all the time. They believe they know what's best for everyone. If everyone would just get out of their way and let them control everything, the world be perfect in every way.

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Liberal hypocrite - against armed guards in public schools but send kids to schools w armed guards.