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TREE HOPPER - otco: ‘Tree hopper’ is a new public city infrastructure that allows you to disconnect from the city - in the city. It combines the satisfaction of pitching your own tent with the excitement of occupying a tree canopy at the convenience of strolling to the park next door.| cargocollective

Solar Geodesic Dome-Covered Cob House Rises in the Far Reaches of Norway

A Modern Treehouse Built Around an Oak Tree

A modern treehouse built around an oak tree. Labor Junction / Home Improvement / House Projects / Treehouse / House Remodels /

20 Awesome Treehouses That Will Astound You

Roost Treehouse. It is designed to copy the natural curves found in nature. The purpose was to build a treehouse that could blend in with the surrounding forest. The treehouse is built using sustainable materials. The design is by Antony Gibbon

Amazing Architecture - Grand Staircase in House of Scientists, Lviv (Lemberg), Ukraine <= before 1945 = Lwów, POLAND => see history, actual till today ! &