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In the United States, more than six million people are living with (HF), and more than new HF patients are diagnosed each year. Learn about the important facts related to the different types of heart failure.

Not only is there a CONNECTION between Congestive Heart Failure and Vitamin D Deficiency, but it may be the CAUSE and the CURE in many cases!

7 Steps to a Healthier Heart in 2017 Heart Failure. Vitamin D could make all the difference.easy-immune-h.

Congestive Heart Failure – Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment and Ongoing care - Congestive heart failure (CHF) (better term: heart failure [HF], because not all heart failure is congestive) affects both the cardiovascular and pulmonary systems. It is the principal complication of heart disease.   Read more:

can oxygen help with congestive heart failure, how to help with a dog with congested heart failure READ MORE AT medical-helpful-i.

Tips for Heart Health and Heart Disease Prevention

Learn how to keep your heart healthy with this heart disease prevention infographic from Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center. Get the inside scoop on heart disease risk factors and learn what you can do to stay healthy!

Blood Flow Through the Heart - #nursing #concepts

8 Most Important Nursing Concepts Every Nursing Student Must Master

Blood Flow Through The Heart. I choose this because to show the different ways the blood flows through the heart. It's shows how the heart works.

ICD risks and benfits - YouTube

ICD risks and benfits - YouTube

Deborah Patient Journey - Maria Jelanek

Deborah Patient Journey - Maria Jelanek

The Heart Block Poem   Great diagram to remember some rhythms.

The Heart Block Poem was a great mnemonic when I was learning heart rhythms. It helps you to remember the different types of heart blocks and how to detect them on the monitor.