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TATTOO TRIBES: Tattoo of Kaponga, Silver fern tattoo,silverfern scorpion spearheads octopus tattoo - royaty-free tribal tattoos with meaning

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#koru #frond #crystal #ashley #wall #art #www.thefurniturestore.co.nz

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Image result for fern tattoo

Maori Tattoo design Silver Fern Koru.

A great tattoo design of the first tattoo is a yin yang symbol that represents new beginning.

Digital Transformation Koru (a symbol of Maori). It symbolizes new life, growth, development, and peace. The shape helps to convey the idea of perpetual movement while the inner coil suggests a return to the point of origin. Never ending change.

Koru – A Symbol Of Maori Art Mimicking The Fiddlehead Of New Ferns. It Symbolizes New Life, Growth, Development, And Peace. The Circular Shape Of The Koru Helps To Convey The Idea Of Perpetual Movement While The Inner Coil Suggests A Return To The Point

Elephant    Elephants are known for their memory, but they have another very important character: socializing.    Thus a newborn is greeted and grown with commitment and dedication by every member of the herd.    The spiral is a symbol of eternity and the unfolding fern frond is a symbol borrowed from Maori culture to symbolize a new life.    Requested by Tree to mark the birth of her baby.

TATTOO TRIBES: Tattoo of Elephant, Devotion, commitment tattoo,elephant spiral fernbud koru tattoo - royaty-free tribal tattoos with meaning

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A barely-there tattoo is able to look really classy. This tattoo appears so inspiring. A traditional moon tattoo is actually endearing.

Very minimalist branch drawing. Black and white ink drawing. Small tree. Line art leaves. Modern abstract plant illustration.

Very minimalist branch drawing. Black and white ink drawing. Line art leaves. Might be my first tattoo