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To those who serve in the armed forces, what is the aftereffect of war? "The Marlboro Marine" is photographer Luis Sinco's portrait of Marine Corporal James Blake Miller, whom he met in Iraq. For Miller, coming home has been its own battle. View at

His best friend died right next to him in battle. The price of freedom is so incredibly high one on one, and so undervalued by so many.

When is War Justified?

Amazingly hundreds of thousands of American jobs depend on war or at least the threat of war. Conflicts around the world make for good business for many corporations Wall Street has complied a list of the ten companies that...

A soldier reading a letter from home. I find this photograph extremely touching.

chasinglinnaeus: Falco sparverius (American kestrel) Quite possibly my favorite bird species of all time. If I ever decided to get serious about falconry (and the mandatory 2-year apprenticeship) then this will be the bird, right here….obligatory Red-tailed hawks be damned.

SOLDIERS BEFORE, DURING, & AFTER AFGHAN DEPLOYMENT: Private Chris MacGregor, 24: “Most people get used to being away from home but I find it hard. It’s your fear that keeps you alive here.”