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In your life, you will meet a lot leaders and not all of them are same. Analyze each of them and be the kind of leader you would follow. There are so many different types of leaders. Not all of them are good. Most misleading concept regarding to being a "leader" is do everything by yourself. Empower the others and watch them grow. (This reminds me a lot of my mother. This is definitely something she would say to me)

Be the kind of leader you would follow

The Bottom Line Motivational Quote - My favorite motivational quote.  Please share with those that could use a pick me up.  I read it when I'm down to motivate me to get back on track.

THE BOTTOM LINE – My Favorite Motivational Statement

Kaizen - A Lean Tool - [Infographic]

Our Kaizen Infographic will communicate the essentials of this lean manufacturing tool that improves quality, productivity, safety, and workplace culture.

Cruise Line Class's insight: Emotional Intelligence isn't about being nice all of the time, it is about being intelligent with your emotions.  To me it is about undestanding who we are, and what our hot buttons and blind spots are.  When we have a pretty good handle on how we are hard-wired, we h...

Emotional Intelligence

No matter the situation, never let your emotions overpower your intelligence. - When something goes wrong for me all hell breaks lose. I need to work on this.

kotter's 8 step change model | Are You Dictating Action or Empowering Change?

6 Ways to Get the Most Out of Social Media Sites

Monday Inspiration: I Am Lighthouse | Live The Life You Dream AboutLive The Life You Dream About

I Am Lighthouse: Inspirational Quotes

"I am lighthouse rather than lifeboat. I do not rescue, but instead help others to find their own way to shore, guiding them by my example." - Modern Affirmation (Quote only)

The leader must make personal changes before asking others to change...  Quote by John C. Maxwell Photo by Brandee Pember Please like and pin my pin! And don't forget to click on my picture and follow me on Facebook! leadership quotes, leadership development, quotes, quotes about strength, personal development, personal development quotes, motivational quotes.

Law Of Attraction

This coaching exercise is a powerful addition to your toolbox, especially at the start of a client relationship. Don’t ask your clients, “Tell me about yourself” – get them to show you with a Life Map!

Life Map Template

This coaching exercise is a powerful addition to your self assessment toolbox. Also useful especially at the start of a new client relationship.

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