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Newly added doorway to basement and framed walls to house a future storage closet.

framed-out storage room

Interior of the future storage closet - rearview

Update representation of the intended appearance of the exterior wall

the ceiling corner above the storage closet. Not sure where to go from here. Maybe Ron has some thoughts! Some plank paneling that we may be able to use on the ceiling and a taste of the woodwork that currently covers most of the rear wall.

again, the many layers of wall constructed over the last 200 years.

The right, rear corner will most likely be converted to a closet. Maybe a good spot for a coffee station?

alcove to the right of the front entrance.

the many layers of wall piled over original brick. This is the exterior wall. Although we believe an entrance door was once here, in light of time and budget, we've decided to drywall over this section.

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