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No pie for Sammy cause Dean ate it all

This will be my last Supernatural pin. for today. I pinky swear! I really couldn't help myself this time though! :(<<< this is true lol. Now I want some pie!

Supernatural Season 8.21 The Great Escapist This was funny.

Fara Winchester on

we're the freakin' Winchesters! (Supernatural Season 8 The Great Escapist)

When Dean gets to name monsters. Jefferson Starships it is. 6x19 Mommy Dearest.

dean's epic monster naming skills, one of my favorite episodes hahaha Jefferson starships!

@Alex Yonks <3 Zachariah & Cas; Dean probably has never seen the show either or else Im sure Sheriff Jody Mills would be answering some questions!!

Dean geeking out with a Disney reference. Then a couple seasons latter Zack and Cody's mom becomes the sheriff!