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Value of life: Chimp responds to her caretaker losing her baby in a very powerful way

After reading this story you will understand how motherhood and loss are universal. Washoe, an exceptionally smart chimpanzee who knew sign language, was not happy with her caretaker Kat, who hadn’t visited for some time.

Just curious... Who the hell gives a baby to a chimpanze??! - someone that has seen the chimpanze hold & love a kitty...

chimp cradling a human baby. Adorable as this picture is, I can't help but think of the woman whose face & hands were ripped off by a chimp attack. Maybe not so adorable.

Chimpanzé adota tigres siberianos

Chimpanzé adota tigres siberianos

Unusual Animal Friendships - Monkey and White Tiger --- Anjana, the Chimpanzee, loves her abandoned tiger cubs but this isn’t her first rodeo. Anjana has actually cared for several tiger cubs throughout her life.

This Is Tooooooooooo Precious; Animals Love Their Babies, Not Just Humans; That is Sooo Darling.  Like our babes at our zoo!

the degradation of Mother: wait, what?

Baby hamster Animals Love Their Babies, I will never tire of cute baby animals! (especially bunnies) Baby owl Baby Animal Love

Love!  this is way too cute!  I want a chimp and a puppy!

Funny pictures about Dog Adopts Baby Chimpanzee. Oh, and cool pics about Dog Adopts Baby Chimpanzee. Also, Dog Adopts Baby Chimpanzee photos.

If only all animals could be like this with each other...

I wanted to show you how I have already lost 24 pounds from a new natural weight loss product and want others to benefit aswell. - a chimp feeding a tiger! a chimp feeding a tiger!