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My Tropical Garden Oase

Do you love gardening? I do. That is why it always makes me mad when some of my well taken care of flowers and other plants were being pulled out of my garden when I am not here in the Philippines. Whatever reason that might be. I want to be asked first…

Crown of Thorns

Crown of Thorns is a beautiful succulent shrub which originally originated from Madagascar. It is said to be the plant that crowned Jesus Christ when He was crucified. This plant is also called Christ Thorns or Christ plant.I am lucky this plant is in my tropical garden. They are plenty as they are easy to plant shrubs. This plant can go tall as 6 feet. The leaves are about 3 to 5 cm width and 10 to 15 cm length . The stems are very thorny while the flowers are small and the petals are…

Hyacinth Orientalis

My Flower Stills

Flower Stills,Beautiful Flowers

Love For Flowers : Fragrant, Fresh, Delicate, Beautiful, And Also As Healers

The Flowers In My Garden, A Photo Gallery

Gorgeous Dancing Ladies

Cover Picture

Jacarandas are Blooming!

Blooming,Beautiful Flowers

Santan Photographs

Comment le coquelicot est devenu l'emblème du jour du souvenir