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Ah, this man is just too beautiful! Lay is incredible:)

yixing applauding himself and just being a cutie. Exo 90:2014 ep2. He looks so innocent and cute in this ep. :')

yixing applauding himself and just being a cutie Lay


it's like he's a foreign model . or an abercrombie model.

Excuse me mr, what is that lip biting for

EXO Reactions ♡

L-Lay. I wont go.*looks away* *glances at sexy Lay* *looks away again* humph! *pouty face* *glances once more* FINE! *tackles Lay* -------- my crazy imagination kekeke ♡♡♡


EXO Lay looking simple yet amazing in his airport fashion○○

#wattpad #fanfic En las dos ultimas semanas de Junio han empezado a suceder…

Los Últimos en la Tierra - Día2, 2:00pm: Sulay

Why is everything this man does so sexy? He's fucking turning his head. It has to be special unicorn powers that make him just breathing sexy.


This is an immensely rewarding yet excruciatingly frustrating hobby. How do you say, "I want that ON ME for the next 7 days straight" in Mandarin?