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Praise him properly if ya know what I mean☻☻☻

The Funny Beaver Big Weekend Funny Picture Dump - August 9, 2014

This might be the most beautiful bromance of all time, so adorable Don't let them kiss! I want to kiss them.

The last part though- Sasha looks so heartbroken that she didn't get the candy thing!

<< this is a weird way to pass around candy. If I got the candy I would just eat it. There is no way I would let anyone else have it! (just look Jean's face in tehe

Anna And Kristoff Family more funny pics on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yourfunnypics101  My heart just broke of joy :'D so. cute.

KristAnna family by xxMeMoRiEzxx: Kristoff and Anna from Disney's Frozen so sweet

Poor Laxus ~ Fairy Tail ~ Funny

Poor Laxus ~ Fairy Tail ~ Funny<<< I prefer Laxus and Mira, but him and Freed isn't terrible

BAHAHAHA!!! "I'll never let go, Jack. I'll never let go . . . Oh, wait--" "LET IT GOOOO! LET IT GOOOOOOO!"

Or, you know, she could just make an ice boat out of the water and place a fresh layer of powder on it so it doesnt hurt when she lets go. Elsa and Jack meet Titanic

OMGOSH!! Lol!! Zac Efron / Taylor Launter / Funny pics / pictures / haha / XD / humor

Extreme Bromance between Zac and Taylor. Why sooo gay? HAHA :D

Pinning because Pidge/Katie at the end

Pinning because Pidge/Katie at the end