The combination of the tangy taste of tamarind, the heat of chilli and the sweetness of dates makes for a mouth salivating sauce that I can’t get enough of! I eat it with most meals. French fries or potato wedges will never taste the same! Add a tablespoon or two...

Chickpea and Potato Bhajia Somalis make various versions of this delicious snack. This particular recipe uses chickpea flour and potatoes.Bhajia is usually served with a hot sauce such as shidni or tomato sauce.

Fry Sauce Recipe ~ Says: This stuff is perfect for dipping your fries and chicken in, but it’s so freakin’ amazing on burgers. It’s slightly sweet, totally creamy, with just a hint of tang

Lime, Yoghurt and Coriander Chilli Sauce: Chilli is often served as a condiment in Somali cuisine and rarely added to the dish. This makes Somali food perfect for those who like flavour without the heat, but for those who like it hot—the more the chilli the better!

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