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skyvvard:  Eastern Screech-Owl ( Red Phase ) || by Daniel Cadieux

Eastern Screech-Owl (Red Phase) by Daniel Cadieux. Here's the owl in my tree!

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Kiss - Animal Kissing - Owl Kiss - Owl on a branch - Kissing - Tenderness - Happiness - Love - Adorable.jpg Find out more videos and photos


Short Eared Owl A short eared owl hiding in the tree, beautiful birds.


the spirit of owl - totem - - beyond illusion - the true reality - the exploration of the unknown and unchartered and the ability to see magic in life. Tawny owl, Barn Owl Centre Gloucester, by Greg Morgan


Northern Hawk Owl with dinner. Photo by Martti Perämäki

melanistic barn owl next to a normal barn owl

Black Barn Owl and normal Barn Owl. Black owls are mutant and would be killed by other owls the wild but this one was forn at Herford Owl Rescue

}{   Screech Owl Siblings by Greg Schneider

Three young Eastern Screech Owl (Megascops asio) owlets in a tree cavity at night, waiting for food from their parent.

Make our Long-eared Owls the hoot of your holiday decor. Adorn the boughs of your tree, or make these wise birds the stars of a woodland mantel scene. Downy ear tufts and mottled faux feathers frame their wide eyes, solid-foam bodies, and realistic claws, to make each pair a dynamic duo of wintertime wonder. Set of two wide-eyed owlsDetailed with downy ear tufts, mottled faux feathers, and realistic metal clawsCrafted on a foam baseEach set includes one right-facing and one left-facing owl

Set of Two Long-eared Owls