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More knitting history: World War II

World War II, Women of the Free French ambulance corps take time for knitting while awaiting their next call somewhere on the Italian front.

Driton "Tony" Dovolani<br> (Dancing With The Stars) <br>"My grandmother taught me how to knit. She used to make me sweaters. They were very itchy, but I wore them anyway because she made them for me.

Meryl Streep to David Arquette: Craftsy's List of Famous Knitters!

David Arquette Knitting isn’t just for famous actresses. David Arquette is just one of many famous men who knit. Arquette, who learned to knit from his grandmother, is such an avid knitter that he graced the cover of Celebrity Scarves

Students knitting in a co-ed residence hall, Beloit College, start knitting alice it is the en trend hobby for the dont miss it knit your cool

'Jack Bauer' knitting a gun cozy. Poster from a French newspaper showing Jack Bauer knitting a gun - it's an ad for TV on demand so the idea is that he won't have to wait any longer for 24 (May