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Otaku funeral ^_^ ...well, maybe not that drastic. I do have a bit of self-control. But isn't this pin funny?

We can't keep clam because we're OTAKUS. I love staying home, and relaxing. I always playing video games, watching animes, watching movie, listening to music, and read novel online at home. Sometimes it's good to be a otakus, no one will bother you. It is totally your kingdom, your space.

I know right!!!!!! Thank god im not the only one who noticed this!! I was waiting to see how long it would take for someone to notice this tho!!!

otaku (this has been me the past few days because I can't go to school... Heaven until wifi gets bad and I realize I haven't used my voice all day and its already afternoon)

#otaku #otakulife #otakuissues #funny #meme #japan #anime

Hahaha, I love this for obvious reasons! :D I'm proud to say I took this oath way back when I was 6 years old and laid my eyes on an anime for the first time! My very first anime was Shaman King and I'm mighty proud of that! Very close second was Inuyasha, sad that it ended but glad it well. (Now I just want the adventures of Shippo and I will be happy) What's was your first anime? :D