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Gymnastics. And no. Cheerleading is not the same.

you know your a gymnast when you wish more than anything that your school had a gymnastics team . so true, I tell my coach this.

Yeah let's do all things that are hard enough on floor and limit our landing to a 4 inch object and we'll raise it off the ground. Lol

I had the biggest fear of the beam. But once my coach told me that she believed in me, I did flips on it. And yes it hurt when I failed but it made me strong. I guess I wanted to have another possibility other than just dying on a floor :D

haha yes when ever i say front tuck or back tuck everyone is like huh what what is that and i am like uhhhh it is the real name for a front/back flip. GYMNASTICS problems.

So true. All my non-gymnast friends say front flip and back flip and I'm like seriously it's front tuck and back tuck