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1950s Japan Pottery Black Cat Bill or Card by LavenderOwlVintage

Meet Sophie, a Fashion Model and Ambassador for Black Cats. Rescued from a trash container, this cat has found a home and a way to spread joy.

Simon - Courtesy Post!! <3 4 yr Welsh Pembroke Corgi, 27 lbs. Gets along well w/ Kids & Dogs, although he is not crazy about Cats. Housetrained & walks well on leash. Knows SIT, DOWN, PLAY DEAD & ROLL OVER! Charming, mild mannered gentleman. SPECIAL NEEDS guy w/ Epilepsy & experiences cluster seizures every 2 wks or so. Medical bills vary depending on his condition, but run as high as $3,000 a month. Requires constant medication & occasionally emergency room trips. Call (626) 321-8028

Quarter Horse - SDP Buffalo Bill By High Brow Cat out of Ruby Tuesday DNA

On the blog: We’re celebrating a big win for Arizona’s community cats! Learn more about newly passed legislation that will pave the way for progressive programs for the state’s stray and free-roaming cats. Together, we can Save Them All.

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