OH MY GLOB (this is possibly the weirdest thing I've ever seen)

A strange girl I've hardly ever talked to handed this to me at the begining of class today. I was the only kid she gave this too and I don't know what to think of it.

Where did that thing come from?

My mom used to scare us too when we were younger. If you went to the bathroom, she would turn off all the lights in the house & wait for you to make it down the hall.

This is the best thing ever

PART 90 (I don't know anymore you guys)

Thing is, I'm so like this. I did spike my hair like wolverine though! This guy is genius ha so funny ;

The last one is pure gold. Just imagine the guy, sarcastically saying that, and then seeing that shit and being like "Oh my God. I'm gonna make millions out of this!"

The Jeff one is hilarious. The dik-dik is real, but it isn't pronounces xylophone. Lol it's funny though.

The last one (more than all others) made me crack up.

His eyes say bedroom but his hands say hospital LMAOO << Why is the Furby one so true?

Dads are hilarious

Hahahahaha these all sound like my dad. Except the Japanese man part lol

I love the perfect use of the joker meme

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