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Niall Horan

he's irish, adorable, talented, sweet, and funny. he is niall james horan♥

casually bringing this back (gif)

10 GIFs of Niall Horan Showing Off His Hilarious Dance Moves

PRESENTATION: Niall would make a great male stripper {GIF} Fact He can thrust while in a position other than horizontal or vertical

Niall Dirty Imagines Morning - Wattpad

Niall Dirty Imagines - Morning

Read Dont Let The Kids Hear from the story Niall Dirty Imagines by with reads. niall, onedirection, one. Niall and I were on holiday w.

The chest hair is killing me

im sorry for pinning this bc now ur gonna stare for like a year. but no joke this is flipping gorgeous. i wanted to have a really good caption but i suck and i dnt even know what to really say.so.just admire i guess (frustrated taylee)