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93b6166760f8570b1c2d916aac6a831e.jpg 640×427 pixels

A toddler and his puppy continue napping together. Oh my stars I fell right in love with this little boy!!!!!!!! He is beyond adorable.

A toddler and his puppy continue napping together

A mother photographs her son and his puppy taking a nap everyday. I would love to see more pictures of this precious boy and his dog as they grow together. These pictures are beautiful. Thank you for sharing them. XO: Baby And Dog, Mother Photographs, Pu

Horse Isle is one of the best horse games I've played and love the fun horse art!

Horse breeds: The falabella ponies are the smallest know to man, reaching to only about 3 ft. Tall when fully grown! Pony of the Americans is a awesome horse for kids. They have a perfect slope in their backs so it's easy to stay on, even bareback.

We Are FAMILY  . .

the kid is really cute , but look at the expression on that dog's face…

Loving the sunshine

Boston Terrier Breed of Small Dogs. Boston Terrier lovers from around the world! Boston Terrier Information, Photos, Videos and more!

Lil' Partner

little cowboy, how cute. Look how the horse puts his head down for the little cowboy. A little cowboy EL.

Sooooo freaking cuteeeeee!!!!! :)

Best friends scalloped photo backdrop Animals sure can put a smile on your face and a giggle in your laugh.

My doberman puppy Kahlua

My doberman puppy Kahlua