¿Quién es David Carson?

I couldn't possibly do a series about great graphic designers without mentioning David Carson. He is, without a doubt, the most important designer of the He gave us 'dirty' graphics, and was dubbed the 'godfather of grunge'.

david carson work magazine - Pesquisa do Google

david carson Expressive type: instead of reading the body text, I instantly feel the chaos and energy due to a lack of structure.

David Carson | deisigned/art directed august 2012 issue of SURFportugal. | http://www.davidcarsondesign.com/

Designed and art directed by David Carson, SURFportigal magazine, August 2012

diseños de david carson - Buscar con Google

RCDesign + Illustration: Editorial Spread for a college project, based on David Carson's work on RayGun.

David Carson

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Ray Gun

Ray Gun magazine covers by David Carson

David Carson is an American Graphic designer and typographer. He was the most influential graphic designer of the nineties.