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#wattpad #fanfiction Peter Pan.  A ruthless, cold-hearted boy who refuses to love. Amanda Stone.  A sixteen year old, adopted girl who holds magic within her. She doesn't trust him one bit.  And Peter only wants her for her power. But what will happen when feelings conquer? Is it possible for the heartless boy to love...

Find Me Peter Pan (Peter Pan/Robbie Kay) - Chapter 4

Find Me Peter Pan (Peter Pan/Robbie Kay) - Chapter 4 - Wattpad

Tilting the head is just as sexy as his eyebrows tbh

You try to out sass Peter but he always wins because he looks so cute when he's being sassy.

Pan and the map

“Sure you can kill me but the only way that’s going to happen is if you go down too or you can play a little game, to get off Neverland” What game could I be speaking of go to my ask box

Once Upon a Time - Robbie Kay on set

The two guys in the background looked touched like someone commented them and then the one guy on the right looks like he's about to trip. And Robbies looks like he's planning someones demise.

Whoa.....i'm not sure how to feel about that face......

How is it that I hate his character so much, but I love him equally as much.

Robbie Kay (@RobbieKay_) | Twitter

I'm vegeterian, so I have verry mix feelings about this. But u can't not love Robbie