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Mix-and-match Prosecco punch: an infinite number of delicious combinations with fresh summer fruit.

Sangria, Summer Punch, and Cooler Recipes

Summer Party Punch: Mix-and-match Prosecco punch: an infinite number of delicious combinations with fresh summer fruit.

Caramel Snickerdoodle Macchiato! Recipe here: http://starbuckssecretmenu.net/starbucks-secret-menu-caramel-snickerdoodle-macchiato/

Starbucks Caramel Snickerdoodle Macchiato

Caramel Snickerdoodle Macchiato: Here’s the recipe: Iced Soy Caramel Macchiato, upside down Add Vanilla Syrup pump tall, pumps grande, 2 pumps venti) Add Cinnamon Dol.

If the best thing to do with wine is drink it (YAASS), the worst thing to do with wine is pour it down the sink (NOOO), which is why this guide is so very important.

This Is How Long You Can Actually Drink Wine After Opening It

This is what I am talking about!  Low Cal Coffee Yummy Drink! 30 Calorie Mocha Frappuccino

Saving money and Calories- 30 cal mocha frappe 1 Packet Truvia 9 Large Ice Cubes 1 Cup Water 1 Serving Sugar Free Mocha

Peppermint eggnog milkshake | 25+ peppermint recipes

25+ Peppermint Recipes

Vanilla ice cream, milk and crushed peppermint bark blended to thickness of your desire. Top with whip cream and sprinkled with more peppermint bark

The Scarlett OHara Southern Comfort, Cranberry Juice, Club Soda, Lime Juice. I was sold at the name of this drink!

The Scarlet O'Hara Cocktail: An Easy Southern Comfort

Signature Cocktail: The Scarlett O'Hara Southern Comfort, dash of lime juice, cranberry juice, and a lime wedge served over ice in a mason jar for a refreshing southern elegant flair!

Coffee punch!! They served this at my sisters bridal shower! It was amazing!

I LOVE COFFEE! Have to try this and if its good its going to be added to my party drinks all the time. Mocha Coffee Punch ~ Coffee lovers, a wonderful mocha coffee punch. Great for morning brunches or parties.

Some top tips on how to pair well liked ingredients with certain wines - from red meats and fish to cheese and chocolate

Food and Wine Pairing - The Infographic

Educational infographic & Data Pairing Food and Wine Flavors for Mealtime Magic Infographic. Like use of best m. Image Description Pairing Food and Wine


Pour 1 Cup Unsweetened Almond Milk over Cup Ice, add Cup Sugar Free Oregon Chai Tea Latte over milk, top with Tsp Ground Cinnamon. You could also ditch the ice, warm up the milk and chai for a hot Chai latte!

Chai Iced Tea Cubes

Chai Iced Tea Cubes & Giveaway

Chai Iced Tea Cubes – just add milk, or your favorite vegan substitute, for a perfect iced chai latte! Plus, a giveaway of my favorite teas.

spice up drinks and coffee cheat sheet

Starbucks coffee chart - because you should know what you are ordering 😊 Starbucks infographic, coffee cheat sheet, types of coffee drinks, types of espresso drinks, espresso cheat sheet

Start the new year off by drinking more water. Here are a few ways to drink water and still get the benefits! #fit

Vitamin Load Detox Water 5 Cleansing Detox Waters Flat Tummy Flavored Water Fat Flush Drink Healthy Infused Waters Flat Belly Water Hydrating Cucumber, Lime, and Strawberry

The best holiday hot cocoa- White Fudge Oreo Hot Cocoa!

White Fudge Oreo Hot Cocoa is a delicious, easy to make and rich hot cocoa with white fudge covered crushed oreos mixed in!