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It's a decade in the TARDIS for Doctor Who star David TEN-nant - Mirror Online

Celebrate 10 years since David Tennant became the Doctor

Doctor Who star David Tennant as the tenth Doctor filming with Billie Piper as Rose Tyler

David Tennant and Billie Piper took part in a Q&A panel at the Wizard World Comic Con in St Louis yesterday, Here's a few highlights fro.

David... the doctor as himself.  Doctor Who?

I love this man with both my hearts. // Matt Smith: Hello, my name is Matt Smith and I play The Doctor. David Tennant: Hello, my name is David Tennant and I AM The Doctor.

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Billie and David I want them to get married and have babies and be the cutest and best couple ever forever.

They need to stop being so cute.

David and Billie. Now, imagine this is Rose and metacrisis Doctor.


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So can we talk about how Eccleston's TARDIS just smoothly cruises through the time vortex, Tennant's too but cutting it close. Then we have Matt Smith who is just getting hit by lightning and is probably laughing on the inside of the thing