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The Elements P10 Water is an element associated with the west quarter. It is a symbol of regeneration, renovation, and dissolution. In occultism beings known as Undines are creatures of this element. Traditionally, the element of Water is associated with the colour green - in many modern Wiccan/Witchcraft Traditions the colour is blue.

Digital Art by Luca Mangiapelo

This is similar to my idea of Esheya, the naiad commander. ***Brushed by a pale glow through the ice, a transparent face emerged from the dark water, half-streaked with the rush of the river, and Enrin thought—or perhaps it was only imagination—that it smiled. Then the water-being beckoned and shot away. - Beyond the Void by Yaasha Moriah

Water Manipulation

(open) I mumble the spell as I begin to create the water. After a while, I begin to start controlling it and my smile widens as I make shapes. I hear the door open to the roof and lose my concentration. Making me groan and turn to look at you. -Mari