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Crows Ravens: #Crow & #Raven: How To Tell Them Apart.

Blackbirds Crows Ravens: "#Blackbird on Nest," by Clare Leighton.

The wolf and the raven

Crows Ravens: #Raven, Sheri Howe.

Ravenmaster on

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Red Dahlia Flower Watercolor Art Print Mouse Pad

Crow Drawings | Raven Face Cawing Bird Crow Art Mouse Pad by artbyljgrove on Etsy

Crows - Long-time bird watcher and nature writer Candace Savage has observed that Crows are so intelligent they can play pranks on each other.

Raven by Marge Mount

Crows Ravens: #Raven ~ "Stick with Me, Baby," by Cristina Del Sol, Oil 6" x 6".